Burnley Youth Theatre workshop visit, November 2015

Burnley Youth Theatre workshop visit, November 2015

The girls from Blackburn Central High School were brought by minibus from school to Burnley Youth Theatre, where outreach worker Jay Walton had a great day planned.

From the very start Jay built great rapport with the girls with his energy, relaxed style and great sense of humour. An excellent icebreaker game got all the girls up and involved straight away and set the tone for a fun and action-packed day.

The activities were really well-tailored to the needs of the group, with the right mix of fun and thought-provoking questions. The first activity was for the girls to create a “true selfie” – a great twist on a current craze! Girls drew round themselves on a large piece of paper then wrote positive words about themselves inside the outline – focusing on their character and personality rather than their appearance for a change.

They then did an exercise to develop bucket lists – a new concept for most of the girls. Jay showed an inspirational video featuring the top 50 bucket list activities, which the whole group was really inspired by – everything from swimming with dolphins to paragliding to visiting some of the world’s most beautiful locations. The girls then created their own bucket lists, and were encouraged to put career goals on them too.

Using their bucket lists as a guide, they then had to create a road map for their lives, ie draw the path your life will take over next 10 years. At what point in your life do the things on your bucket list fit in? What do you need to do to make them happen?

At the end of the day each girl was asked to stand up and speak for a couple of minutes about her positive qualities and aspirations in life.   As each girl spoke, behind her there was a green screen photo of her achieving her key ambition. Fabulous and inspiring!

The whole purpose of the day was to inspire the girls to think about their future – to think big, to focus on what they want to achieve in life, and what they need to do – starting NOW – to get where they want to go.

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