Get involved in our #GirlsOutGardening doorstep challenge today

We know when girls return to school after 7 months of isolating, the impact on their mental health will be visible. We need to support them.

2020 has been and continues to be an unprecedented time for all our school children.  Being without the structure and routine of a school week, missing their friends and teachers and being denied an education will have long term effects for many.  School is also a safe space to grow and develop both from an academic perspective and an emotional one, so stealing this time from them as young teenagers will show up in a less than positive way in their mind set, resilience and mental health savvy for years to come, if we do not act.

At Girls Out Loud we know for sure our teenage girls will need our support to unpack their new normal and deal with the fallout of so many mental health challenges they suffered with during this pandemic including loneliness, bereavement, anxiety and depression, frustration, domestic abuse, low self-esteem, separation and anger to name a few and we want to be there, ready and waiting with mentors, coaches, therapists and inspirational role models to help them get back to themselves and see the learnings in this time.

Our initial fund raising goal is £20k and this will allow us to offer extra support to the most vulnerable girls and deliver back to school workshops for all of our current Little Sisters, approx 100 girls.

Our doorstep challenge #GirlsOutGardening is our summer challenge to generate a movement kickstarted by our advocates, volunteers, Big Sister mentors and you! We are asking you to buy and deliver flowers, a plant, a herb or some seeds to someone in your community alongside donating £5, £10 or £20 to our campaign, then via social media encourage a pay it forward strategy to get as many people as possible to join in and support our cause.  Are you in? 

Here’s how it works…

  1. To donate £5, text GOL2020 to 70970
    To donate £10, text GOL2020 to 70191
  2. Buy and deliver a plant, seeds, flowers or a herb to a friend, work colleague, client, member of your family or community. Simply leave the item on their doorstep with the ticket you can download here.
  3. Take a picture of the delivery, not the person or the premises just the delivery on the doorstep and post this on social media with the message. I just took part in the #GirlsOutGardening doorstep challenge to raise money for @girlsoutloudorg as they gear up to support teen girls return to school in September. You can get involved here.
  4. Job done! It would be awesome if you could encourage your network to join in – how fab would it be if this went viral and we could help more and more girls????

You can also just donate directly as a one-off or on a monthly basis using the information below.


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or, Make a Single Donation to Girls Out Loud

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For all other donations either personal or corporate, please contact Jane at

Lockdown Fundraising Ideas:

Take part in an exerthon as an individual or family – if you have a treadmill run or climb distance equivalent of iconic journey or mountain.

Create an online quiz on ANY subject, could even be kid’s homework!  Then encourage all your network to participate by donating £5/10 to enter – deliver this on any online platform. Zoom, Facebook etc

Sponsored silence, great one for the kids!

Baking circle- ask all pals who live close to join circle for a fee – each week you all bake something and deliver to nominated household in the circle ie Jane bakes flapjacks for Joanne, Joanne bakes a pie for Helen, Helen bakes a cake for Caroline etc.  You could also extend this challenge to include delivering baked goods to the vulnerable in your community too.  A double whammy!

Dress for dinner – get sponsored to dress up for dinner either black tie or fancy dress with what you get create in the house, then video or post pics.

Lip sync to your favourite song or recreate your favourite pop video or dance then upload to our YouTube channel and we will publish the top five, monthly on our social media feed.

These are just a few but the list is endless and could include crafts, knitting, garden activities etc.  In all cases you can set up your own JustGiving page via our website, so it is easy to collect money. If you do not want to set up a JustGiving page you can simply collect money and pay direct into our account.  Just email us for details.

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