Corporate Call Out


At Girls Out Loud we believe girls are under represented in senior management roles across all sectors and know that if we are to effect change any time soon, along with organisational shifts we need to inspire and motivate the next generation to pick up the baton.

It may surprise you to know that not all girls have aspirations. Even after 100 years of liberation and continued campaigning for equality, not all girls want careers or even believe they are capable of making this happen; not all girls think it is possible to have a career and a family and very few girls know the extent of opportunities out there waiting for them to put their hand up and say YES!

It is our job to educate, inform and inspire them to step up, believe in themselves and walk tall with confidence, self-respect and purpose.


Fundamental to making this a reality and ensuring the talent pipeline does not dry up is harnessing the stories and achievements of the thousands of top female role models out there, making there way in the corporate world. They can help unlock this potential in our young, as real stories matter and have the power to shift limiting beliefs and expand social mobility way beyond expectations.

At Girls Out Loud all our programmes harness the power of real role models and we are constantly looking for ways to engage the corporate sector in our mission, a mission that is as important to us all – raising the aspirations of the next generation. What could be more important to the continued prosperity of our economy?

Our school events and Big Sister programmes are perfect opportunities for corporate partnerships in terms of nominating volunteers and sponsoring female employees to step up to become mentors.



We contract with a school and work with them to select 20 girls (Little Sisters) who would most benefit from our programme and have the widest impact on the year, then we recruit, select and train 20 Big Sisters from a diverse network including the public sector, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals and then the Big and Little Sisters work together as one team supporting each other over the coming year.

The Big Sisters meet their Little Sisters for a 121 every 3/4 weeks for an hour (some Big Sisters do a lot more than this) and are also expected to join in on several 2 hour group events we host during the year; examples to date include personal safety training, launch and graduation ceremonies, fashion workshop, trip to city gallery, creative goal setting and so on. Although we host up to 6 events we do not expect all our Big Sisters to attend every one, we accept sometimes it is not possible but the launch and graduation ceremonies are key and non attendance at these events is hard for the girls.

The mentoring sessions are informal and at no time will Big Sisters be left alone with their mentees. We employ a Project Manager who will be on school premises managing all aspects of the programme and supporting all our Big Sisters throughout the year. The sessions are held on school premises.


As with any community based, grassroots programme, the volunteers take away far more than they give and with our Big Sister programme this includes valuable, transferable skills.

Before being matched with their Little Sister all our Big Sisters receive professional mentoring training upfront which takes place on a Saturday and includes child protection briefing and role play. This training continues over the 12 months as we facilitate ALL mentoring sessions in the school and lead several sharing sessions throughout the year. We believe if you can mentor a vulnerable, 14 year old girl, you can transfer this skill to a wide range of scenarios and mentoring is such a pivotal skill in the world of work these days.

Not only will you be a proficient mentor at the end of the year but you will also connect with some amazing women, your fellow Big Sisters. We attract some awesome women to our work.

My Little Sister is a good girl but has a difficult home life.  Both parents are alcoholics and she, along with her 2 siblings are currently living with their young Aunt who also has two children.  Chloe definitely needs someone to talk to and some guidance and it has been a real eye-opener working with her as her mentor.  I feel more grounded and all round a better person for the experience.

I am now a Corporate Sales Manager at Enterprise and I meet lots of people as I visit organisations to sell our services.  As I start to talk about my role at Girls Out Loud I find people naturally open up to me.  It has opened my eyes to things I was shielded from when I was growing up and I feel good to making a difference.

Nicola Williams, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

I have been a Big Sister as part of Girls Out Loud  for the past 12 months and gained so much from it I have just signed up for my second year.  I feel it has given me a greater understanding of some of the barriers that young women face and the opportunity to build a friendship with someone I hadn’t met before  has taught me a lot!

I’ve developed listening skills, the ability to really understand the environment our young girls are growing up in and how challenging these teen years are.  I now understand how young girls feel about some of the pressures that come their way.  I’ve also learned that Darcie, my first Little Sister is an amazing young woman!’

Jo-Anne Ratcliffe, Senior Director People – George, General Merchandise & Asda Money

Girls Out Loud Champions in Business

Thank you to these awesome companies for supporting our cause. You rock!


To nominate a member of your organisation to participate in the programme is £1000. This contributes to the overall cost of the programme including training, school liaison and management, event planning, project management and implementing safe guarding policies, all absolutely fundamental when working with children.

As we are a not for profit organisation, who also have a charitable foundation and all our income is directed to the community we are here to serve – teenage girls.

To date we have some awesome companies supporting our work and here is a few of our Big Sisters talking about the benefits.

To enquire about working with us and supporting our work please contact our Founder for an initial chat and if you are in any doubt as to why we need to invest in our young girls now, read Jane’s latest book DIVA WISDOM – FIND YOUR VOICE, ROCK YOUR WORLD AND PASS IT ON discussing amongst other topics, quotas, misogyny, the state of feminism and equality, role models, female entrepreneurship and the teen girl crisis we are in the midst of today.

You can purchase Diva Wisdom on Amazon – click here to purchase.

20% of all profits going to the Girls Out Loud Foundation.

We are delighted to be working with:

Asda, Deloitte, DWF LLP, Graham & Brown, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Red Productions, Crowe UK, Brown Shipley, Browne Jacobson, AHR International Architects, Warburtons, United Biscuits, New Charter, Pareto, and RBS.