Role Model Relay

This is a dynamic, fast-paced event, lasting 2 hours and catering for up to 100 girls from the same year group. Our objective is to give the girls access to some awesome women role models, each one with an inspiring story to share. From Barristers to Broadcasters; Teachers to Train Drivers; Accountants to Acupuncturists; entrepreneurs to police officers; university professors to International Sports champions and beyond. The girls get to listen to their amazing journeys then interact with them via a structured and supportive speed mentoring format.

The girls will have the opportunity to: increase their awareness of the variety of career opportunities available to them; raise their aspirations and achievements by meeting and interacting with positive role models; find out more about what they need to do to succeed, and get enthused and excited about their future.

If you would like to find out more about hosting a Role Model Relay event in your school click here and if you are a role model and would like to join in the fun complete the volunteer registration form here.

We ask the girls which one of our role models inspired them on the day and why. Here is a selection of their comments…
  • She never gave up, she carried on even when others put her down.
  • She never gave up looking for the right job.
  • She went against everyone to follow her dream and made it.
  • People told her she couldn’t and she did.
  • I will follow her into law and be a successful barrister. She was very inspirational.