Stardom Programme

STARDOM is a 12-week intervention programme for girls who are seriously derailing. It is intensive and frame breaking, run by highly qualified coaches using an array of personal development and transformation tools including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Time Line Therapy™. These tools are used to shift mind-sets, zap limiting beliefs, reframe past experiences, uncover identity issues, break limiting family patterns and encourage the girls to think big via visualisation and motivational strategies.

The minimum age to participate in Stardom is 14, typically Year 9 girls who are bright but may be disengaging from school at the critical time and therefore are in danger of falling into NEET group.

Stardom is made up of a 3 hour weekly group session, 4 one to one coaching sessions throughout the 12 weeks with an NLP Life coach, input from role model presenters, journal writing and a series of self assessment tools.

The overall aim is to improve behaviour, attendance, attitude to learning and concentration, in most cases.

The focus is on aspirations not exams; causes not symptoms; action not reflection.

The minimum number of girls on a Stardom programme is 12, the maximum 16. A careful selection process is needed to ensure success. This is an intervention NOT a counselling programme. It is about raising aspirations, therefore, it is not wise to nominate girls with serious social/psychological problems already being managed by external agencies and school counselling services.


A young girl age 14/15 who has the potential to achieve a minimum of 5 GCSE’s grades A-C but has started to disengage from the academic process and is showing signs of stress, disinterest, anti-social behaviour, truancy, apathy and low self esteem.

She is likely to be coping with one of more of the following personal challenges –
  1. Lack of any positive role model at home and no concept of success/achievement.
  2. No history of higher education in the family therefore no support or understanding.
  3. Relationship challenges with parents, guardians, siblings, boyfriend, peers, teachers and friends.
  4. Lack of aspiration due to point one and ingrained family patterns.
  5. Not able to express or articulate HER needs leading to a sense of disempowerment and disconnection.
  6. Too much emphasis on external validation via appearance, behaviour and obsessive tendencies.

The Girls Out Loud team will make this programme available in certain towns so schools, Pupil Referral Units and Virtual Schools can nominate individuals for this intervention.

We are currently keen to deliver programmes in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside, Blackburn, Bury and Bolton. If you would like to discuss this programme with us please complete the general enquiry form and we will get in touch with you straight away.

Gina and Jasmine are 2 of the first girls to experience the Stardom programme in Blackpool in 2009. Today they are well adjusted, grounded young women making better life choices and great advocates for Girls Out Loud. Here they are with Jane, our Founder sharing the celebrations at NetworkShe Awards in 2014 when we won best social enterprise for the second time. Jasmine is pursuing a career as a fine artist having completed a degree in fine art and Gina is contemplating her next move into teaching, having gained a degree in sports development and becoming a Mum for the first time. We are very proud of them, they are now role models to younger girls in their network and family and one day will join our Big Sister programme – result!!

Jasmine quote:

‘Jane has given me the tools to live life for myself, to do what makes me happy, to always do what I am passionate about and to see the positive over the negative. I would not be the young artist I am today without Jane and her amazing Girls Out Loud programme and her personal mentoring over the past six years.’

Case Study – Caitlin’s story

Caitlin is a 15 year old girl struggling to settle at a new school. For the past 3 years she has been living with her Dad who had recently been put in prison for drug related offences. After living on her own and not going to school for 6 months Social Services finally caught up with her and moved her to another town, 250 miles away to live with her mother, Step Dad and new family. She and her Mum do not get on and her new family are not estatic about her arrival.

Not surprisingly she has no self esteem, no friends, hates everything about herself both physically and mentally; is scared to eat so hovers on the edge of anorexia; finds it hard to concentrate at school so tends not to go very often; self harms; drinks and smokes more than she should to numb the pain and falls into associations with the wrong crowd.

Caitlin was on the verge of total meltdown when she became a participant on our Stardom programme. Without question the 12 week intervention helped her turn her life around. By week 12 she had made some great friends; stopped cutting herself; put on weight; dumped her boyfriend as she recognised he had no respect for her; made peace with her Mum and accepted she would never live with her Dad again even though she still misses him and loves him; decided by the time she is 25 she wants her own hairdressing salon and on week 10 of the programme completed her first full week at school in over 2 years!

She says

‘Girls Out Loud was amazing – I loved every minute of it and Jane helped me make some massive changes in my life. The biggest one is that I now believe in me and I don’t let anyone put me down.’