Jane Kenyon

Jane is 51, a serial entrepreneur, intuitive coach, inspirational speaker, author, audacious commentator, campaigner and female champion. For the past 12 years she has been working in the personal development sector facilitating mind-set shifts and personal transformations with both adults and teenagers from all walks of life. Her passion for potential is contagious.

Although raised in a wealthy family, Jane had a traumatic youth tainted by abuse and abandonment and this led to her leaving the family home to go it alone at age 16. After a successful corporate career in marketing and brand development, followed by 18 years as a serial entrepreneur, she is now on her third act as a social leader and game changer with a particular passion for empowering teenage girls –  the next generation of  female leaders and business women.
She founded Girls Out Loud in 2010 when she could remain passive no more and felt compelled to step up and support girls to navigate through a more and more challenging landscape, unharmed.  After piloting a programme for 12 vulnerable girls in Blackpool in 2009 she knew she had found her next act.

Her legacy, through Girls Out Loud  is to embed a more empowering mind-set in girls that in effect, inspires them to think big, reach for the stars and make better life choices.  Central to the Girls Out Loud mission is to introduce  girls to awesome, successful female role models through their Big Sister mentoring programme and motivational events.

Walk it. Work it. Be it.

In 2001 she divested some of her business interests to become more involved in personal transformation work via coaching, speaking and writing.

In 2007 she founded The Well Heeled Divas www.wellheeleddivas.com – an organisation dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to step up and shine and this was the catalyst for the creation of Girls Out Loud in 2009 as Jane recognised the power of story, coaching and role models in motivating women and knew this could and should be passed on to the younger generation.


Having spent the past 10 years working exclusively with women and teenage girls Jane’s voice has credibility and validity and her passion for potential is contagious.

Jane has lived a real life, packed with challenges, highs and lows and is well respected for her honesty, authenticity and inspiration. She is a sought after speaker, with a passion to create space for women and young girls to step up, believe in themselves and shine.

In 2014 Jane’s first book Superwoman – Her Sell By Date Has Expired. Time To Show Little Miss Perfect The Door was released to great reviews. Buy here on Amazon.

In 2015 her legacy book Diva Wisdom – Find Your Voice, Rock Your World and Pass it On is released with 20% of all profits going to the Girls Out Loud Foundation. Buy here on Amazon.


If you could invite any 5 people to dinner (dead or alive!) who would they be and why?

Oprah – she would keep the conversation relevant, intense and interesting

Tom Cruise – Mainly for aesthetic purposes, but I also think he would have some stories to tell and I respect his approach to his craft.

Germaine Greer – I love her brain and she would be fun, political and controversial

Beyonce – for after dinner entertainment and would love to see her teach Germaine to shake her booty!

Edith Wharton – a pioneer of women’s fiction and House of Mirth is one of my favourite books. She was alive at a fascinating time in history, the late 1800’s.

My husband, Tony – I know this makes 6 but he is my ultimate hero and completes all my evenings, plus he would never forgive me if I had dinner with Beyonce without him!

Which song reminds you of being 15 and why?

I was a New Romantic – frilly shirts, purple lipstick and long fringes so anything by Duran Duran, Human League or Depeche Mode.

Who is your ultimate pin-up?

Russell Crowe in The Gladiator – knees go weak even thinking about him in The Coliseum!

What’s your most embarassing moment?

Many years ago I fell over on the main high street in Manchester city centre after buying a crockery set.  I landed like a star fish and plates, cups, saucers etc scattered everywhere, hitting passersby, stopping traffic etc – It was like a scene from a really bad slapstick comedy and I just wanted to run away but I couldn’t due to a fractured ankle!

As a teenager – what were your future career aspirations?

I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher – I loved little kids around the age of 5 but my life took me in a very different direction!

How do you want to be remembered?

As someone who made a difference and inspired that ‘light bulb’ moment in others.

Most used words or phrase – petal, fab, cool!


Facebook or Twitter – Twitter

Favourite sweet treat? – Tootie Fruities or Crunchie

Who makes you laugh? – Lee Evans

What was the last concert/gig you went to? Beyonce

Biscuit of choice? Tunnocks caramel wafer

Who inspires you? Tony Robbins and Oprah

3 films to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? The Family Stone, Jerry Maguire, The Gladiator

3 things you could not live without? Mobile phone, my husband and bling!

Best advice you have ever been given?  You cannot love anyone else, until you love yourself

Name one thing you must do in your lifetime? Travel through China


  • Degree in Business and Marketing
  • MBA
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Chartered Institute in Marketing
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certificate
  • NLP Life coaching Diploma
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Time  Line Therapy™ Diploma


  • Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Member of NLP Association
  • Ambassador for female entrepreneurship