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Welcome, you have arrived at the multi-award winning social enterprise Girls Out Loud.  We are dedicated to raising the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK.  We are passionate about empowering girls to find their voice. Our programmes are all about embedding more confidence, emotional resilience, self-assurance and self-esteem.  In turn, this leads to real aspiration, real change and long lasting success.

We want to inspire girls to believe in themselves, know they are enough and encourage them to find their inner gumption to make the right choices.

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Why this? Why now?

Being a teenage girl in the world today is a challenge. Attempts to retain an element of individuality are threatened on a daily basis by the media, celebrity culture, premature sexualisation, peer pressure and bullying, lack of positive, strong female role models, privacy invasion and misuse of the internet, ladette behaviour and increase in aggressive behaviour amongst girls, to name a few.

This backdrop is leading to a generation of teenage girls arriving at puberty with a full on identity crisis. Eating disorders, promiscuity and teen pregnancies, body dysmorphia, self-harming, binge-drinking and substance abuse, panic attacks and exam anxiety, are just some of the symptoms apparent in their behaviour.

Not surprisingly we now have a confused generation, disengaging from education and the world around them which leads to low aspirations, poor body image, fickle self esteem and a confused identity.

We need you, they need us...

We create and deliver a range of early intervention programmes from 2 hours to 12 months in duration that do just that! We are also champions for teen girls and know our work makes a huge difference.

We hope you will join our movement and get involved as a volunteer, role model, mentor, coach, employer, fund raiser, ambassador, influencer, school or advocate.

Our girls are in the midst of a mental health crisis and they need us to show them a better way NOW!

Alarming Facts

Making a difference to teenage girls across the UK

Girls Out Loud is a UK based social enterprise set up in 2009 by serial entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, trainer and female champion Jane Kenyon.  Jane had spent the previous 15 years as an entrepreneur in the personal development arena working exclusively with women and felt the need to expand her legacy to working with teen girls. At the time the UK had the highest teen pregnancy in Europe, low teen aspirations and mental health issues were just starting to peek around the corner in every school Pastoral meeting.

Fast forward 10 years and due to the dominance of social media, a society fixated on appearance with appalling body confidence and little movement on the role of women in society, teen girls are in the midst of a mental health crisis.  Self-harming is at an all-time high, teen girl suicides are on the increase, grooming and porn has gone mainstream and 70% of girls experience cyber bullying.  On top of this girls are now questioning careers due to low visibility of female role models and exam pressure and the fear of failure is putting them off even trying.

The mission of Girls Out Loud has now become more than a nice to have for the few. Our early intervention programmes empower girls to have a positive sense of self, to set personal boundaries, to believe they are worth more and harness their gumption – All necessary life skills if we are to make a dent in the unacceptable lack of parity across all sectors and all levels in the female talent pipeline.

We facilitate intervention programmes in schools from one day to 12 months in duration and in 2010 we launched a mentoring programme for teenage girls called BIG SISTER which involves us recruiting and training role models from diverse backgrounds to mentor teenage girls for a period of 12 months. The emphasis of all our activity is to embed a more empowering mindset in girls, which in turn, reconnects them to education, helps them achieve exam success and broaden their aspirations, encourages them to find their individual voice, take risks, make better life decisions, improve their self-image and become role models for future generations.


To empower and inspire teenage girls in the UK and beyond to have confidence, self belief, emotional resilience and a positive self image which, in turn, supports them to think big, embrace risk and reach for the stars.


So far, the girls that have been through our programmes have more clarity on the big picture in terms of their career and place in the world; Recognise the pitfalls of teen pregnancy and no longer see this as a career option; Have higher self-esteem and therefore make better choices in relation to their peer group, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family and education/career; Achieve better than expected exam results, are goal centric and have a more healthy external body image.  Most importantly they stand up for themselves, their beliefs, their friends and family; know they are enough and live by our mantra…


This is the Girls Out Loud Pledge. All of our role model volunteers and the girls who participate in our programmes sign up to this and it is the cornerstone of all our work.

  • Be true to you. Follow your own destiny.
  • Love yourself as you are. Be real, anything less is not worthy of you.
  • Be unique and your own person. Do what you believe is right for you.
  • Harness your courage to step up and out of your comfort zone and relish the challenge.
  • Know it is OK to make mistakes and recognise this is how we all learn and grow.
  • Don’t follow the crowd or be a sheep, unless the crowd is the right crowd for you and respects you.
  • Think big, reach for the stars and never let anyone steal your dreams.
  • Know that you are capable of having, being and doing anything you so desire.
  • If you believe and take action success is guaranteed.
  • Have the utmost respect for yourself and others –treat people as you expect to be treated, anything less is unacceptable.

We are looking for Big Sisters to join our team in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside & Lancashire!

Find out more on our Big Sister page or click here to fill in the volunteer for

Why we do what we do

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Our Team

Jane Kenyon - Founder
Helen Cope - Executive Assistant
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Louisa Herridge - Stardom Coach & Workshop Facilitator
Carol Savage - Local Lead Big Sister, Stardom Coach & Workshop Facilitator
Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas - Local Lead Big Sister, Merseyside
Beth Payton Profile Pic
Beth Payton - Mindfulness Workshop Leader
Dawn Clarke - Local Lead Big Sister, Manchester
Rachel Christian – Local Lead Big Sister, Manchester
Emma Stott - Stardom Coach

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