Our Founder, Jane is a super champion for the upcoming #Imnotjohn campaign. Will you join her?

Recent Guardian research found that there are more FTSE100 chief executives called John than there are women Chief Executives in total.

The dynamic PR duo at Yellow Jigsaw have decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness of this and encourage more women to step up and be seen as role models, to send some clear messages to the next generation. Clearly this is right up our street so we agreed to join the campaign and support their message.

This is our plea from us to you to join us and spread the message. You can do this in several ways;


Jane has been featured on their blog, as a super champion and a leading voice in this marketplace. Read and repost here!

Follow and share the #Imnotjohn super champions’ stories by following the Yellow Jigsaw Facebook page.

The ‘Be Supportive, Become Unstoppable’ free launch event on the 9th November will kick-start a week of social media and press activity with a showcase of successful women, resources and networks that both inspiring and aspiring leaders can access in the North West. You’re invited to join us by registering on Eventbrite – Jane will also be speaking at this event.

You can also get involved by signing up to the Thunderclap and/or posing for a selfie with the poster, which can be downloaded here:


This campaign is a great PR opportunity for Girls Out Loud so please show your support!