2 Shining Stars University bound…

2 Shining Stars University bound…

This week saw the first 2 Girls Out Loud graduates start University in the UK. Both Gina and Jasmine participated in our first ever programme, our pilot, delivered in a Blackpool school with the support and guidance of the Hero Project back in 2008/9. At the time they were both 15 going on 16 and like so many girls felt lost, were looking for validation in all the wrong places and had generally become disillusioned with school and all that it represented to them. Ironic then that this week they both signed on for another 3/4 years of education having spent the past 2 years working hard in college to achieve the necessary entry requirements!

What happened then? Well, it’s simple really…….

All any of us need is to feel valued. We need to be seen, heard and know that what we say matters. We helped them find their voice and to uncover their true potential.

We are very proud of Gina and Jasmine as we are of all of our girls. We recognise that the University route is not for all.

Our mission is to embed emotional resilience, a positive self image and a shed load of self belief. With this in your kitbag life looks more interesting wouldn’t you say?

We want to give every girl in the UK and beyond the opportunity that Gina and Jasmine had, to step up and shine. We hope you will help us, help them.

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