A letter to my little sister during lockdown

Big Sister Corporate Sponsorship and Partners - Big Sister & Little Sister sitting at a desk discussing

Here (Hannah) one of our current Big Sisters sends a message to her Little Sister whilst in lockdown..

They say you should be the person you needed when you were younger,

Could I possibly be that support for you?

An opportunity to be a mentor,

A chance to help a young girl have the confidence to be who she wants to be.

First came the nail biting and long pauses of silence,

A reluctance to say too much,

A timidity that I knew you could overcome.

Then came the trust and a confidence to talk,

Teaching me what it means to be kind,

Teaching me to do more to shine.

Following the lessons of Girls Out Loud,

Watching you become more bold, brave, and beautiful.

More importantly, watching you be you.

Our time was cut short by an unprecedented time,

I often wonder how you are feeling.

I hope you are keeping strong and healthy.

I hope that you know there will be an end to this.

I hope you are still reading your daily mantras,

and understanding the importance of kindness and compassion.

I hope you are keeping up your dedication to schoolwork,

and you are staying safe online.

I hope you have stayed creative,

Art made you incredibly happy.

I hope you are still playing cricket,

The fresh air and exercise are what you need.

Lastly, I hope that you can be your own mentor,

In the time when I am not around. 

You have the strength to do so,

And I look forward to seeing you in your crown. 

Hannah Jones