A Call to Support Teenage Girls in the Face of Disturbing Statistics


In January 2024, the BBC reported a staggering statistic that should serve as a wake-up call for all of us: 52% of child sexual abuse offences involved reports of children (aged 10 to 17) offending against other children, with 14 being the most common age. These harrowing figures shed light on a disturbing reality, urging us to step up and provide the support our teenage girls desperately need. We ALL need to understand the implications of this statistic, its potential causes, and why it’s crucial for society to rally behind our young girls. 

The statistic paints a grim picture of the vulnerability of teenagers, particularly girls, to sexual abuse within their own peer group. The fact that the majority of these offences involve children as both victims and perpetrators demands our attention and immediate action. It highlights a profound need for education, awareness, and support systems that can protect our young girls from falling victim to such heinous crimes.

To address this issue effectively, we’ve got to get underneath the potential causes behind these distressing statistics. Factors such as inadequate sex education, limited awareness about consent, and the influence of media portraying skewed perceptions of relationships are massively contributing to the problem. Additionally, societal pressure, bullying, and smart technology may create an environment where young individuals engage in inappropriate behaviours without fully comprehending the consequences.

A Call to Action:

1. Comprehensive Sex Education:

It’s time for an update on comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education that not only covers the basics of reproductive health but also emphasises the importance of consent, healthy relationships, and respect for boundaries.

2. Promoting Open Dialogue:

Fostering an environment where teenagers feel comfortable discussing issues related to relationships, consent, and boundaries is crucial. Open communication at home, in schools, and within communities can dismantle the silence surrounding these sensitive topics.

3. Mental Health Support:

Recognising the signs of distress in teenagers is paramount. Providing accessible mental health support can help address underlying issues that may contribute to inappropriate behaviour and protect potential victims.

4. Empowering Girls:

Empowering teenage girls with knowledge, self-confidence, and resilience is vital. Programmes that focus on building self-esteem, assertiveness, and emotional intelligence can help girls navigate challenging situations and resist peer pressure.

The alarming statistic serves as a stark reminder that our teenage girls are facing threats not only from external sources but also within their own peer groups. We must act to address the root causes, implement preventative measures and learning interventions, and establish robust support systems to protect our young girls. By advocating for education, fostering open dialogue, providing mental health support, and empowering girls, we can create a safer and more secure future for the next generation. It’s time to step up and support our teenage girls so that they can grow into resilient, confident, and empowered individuals. 

This is what we do what we do at Girls Out Loud. Our training, coaching & mentoring programmes are needed more than ever. But we can’t do it without the support of role model women and the investment from organisations who care about investing in the next generation of the female talent pipeline and the ongoing quest for gender equity and ultimately equality.

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