Apple, pear, rectangle or hour-glass?

Apple, pear, rectangle or hour-glass?

So, are you an apple, a pear, a rectangle or an hour-glass? In case you haven’t worked it out the question is about identifying your essential body shape. You really need to know which one you are so that you can minimise your wardrobe disasters. If you’re shaped like a pear then you really should avoid clothes designed for an apple – and vice-versa.

Last week the girls and Big Sisters at Sir William Stanier enjoyed a creative fashion and make-up workshop hosted by stylish business owners Caz Moss and Ruth Thomas. They took a critical look at some of the beauty and fashion building blocks for getting their individual look just right.

First, we looked at the importance of the right skin care routine. And then before choosing make-up they were advised how to identify the type and tone of their skin to ensure they made the best of their natural assets. Then came the fun part: applying the products.

Second up was body shape and, to emphasise the point, everyone donned a bin bag and got some help to cut it so as to flatter their shape. This way they all got a practical demonstration of which lines suited them – and which ones to avoid!

The golden rule of fashion is ‘everyone is different’ and the real trick is to find and celebrate your own difference and individuality. Caz and Ruth were inspirational in demonstrating this and a couple of the girls keen to get involved in the fashion world made plans there and then to help them out at their next fashion show.

Caz Moss @thestylefactory

Ruth Thomas @Room31fashion

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