Be careful what you say

Be careful what you say

I went to Hobbs and bought a new linen top for work. It was a gorgeous shade of orange and I felt good in it but when I wore it for the first time, half expecting a compliment, the comment I got from one of my colleagues was “You’ve been Tangoed!” It never left my wardrobe again.

Perhaps I was being too sensitive but point-scoring and sarcasm featured commonly in our household when I was a child and I learned that people use them as weapons in the armoury of repression. They harness the power of negativity and mockery in order to crush creativity and foster feelings of inadequacy in others – sometimes without even realising they are doing it.

Nobody has the right to suppress our individual creative energies and joy in life and the GOL team is constantly on guard against destructive ways of thinking and have developed a few weapons of our own for the fight-back: chief among these is POSITIVE THINKING. We want our girls to flower into their full potential as human beings, to grow and develop their talents and their characters – not to be held back and made to believe they are inadequate.

Our formula for personal development is simple: positive thinking + positive words = positive results. Banish negativity – it’s surprisingly easy. The next time you want to make a comment, pause before you speak, frame your thoughts and make sure that your words are kindly, encouraging and positive. This is the way to make words make magic.

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