Big Sisters are doing it!

Big Sisters are doing it!

These sisters are not just doing it for themselves – they are doing it to help others! If ever proof were needed, then we have it: Big Sisters are awesome. Just in case there is any doubt we get our girls to feedback just what they think of the Big Sisters and, as we suspected, they think they are brilliant (and so do we, of course).

At the latest event, a Role Model Relay at Oasis Academy Oldham, the feedback was 100% positive. The girls were impressed by what they saw in the Big Sisters:

“she spoke out of her heart”

“she wouldn’t let people put her down”

“she didn’t let anyone tell her she couldn’t be what she wanted to be”

These are just a few of the comments that demonstrate the sort of positive impact our role models can have. Just by coming into contact with the girls to share their stories they are able to impress and inspire them to take their own first steps on a journey towards building up levels of confidence and aspiration.

“She is awesome – looks like an older me!” said one girl – which is precisely the point!

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