Can I have the Girl with the Brightest Smile please!

Can I have the Girl with the Brightest Smile please!

Jessica has just completed a year as a Big Sister at a Manchester school. This is the speech she made to her Little Sister & the rest of the room at their graduation event.

Where do I start?

When I first heard about this project to become a ‘Big Sister’ I looked in to what it was all about, I instantly wanted to be involved as, if I could have had that ‘go to person’ in my life at this stage it most certainly could have benefited my future.

I never imagined it would take me on a journey quite like it has. From that first nervous meeting when we both sat and made a pledge to each other feels like weeks ago rather thank a whole year. This will sound a bit farfetched to some and I run the risk of sounding a little ‘crazy’ but I’ll say it anyway…. I looked around the room at the girls on the day we were being paired up and I made a guess as to who my ‘Little Sister’ would be, my guess was the girl with the brightest smile who had already lit up the room for me.. and it was.. it was Arafat.

I can say openly and honestly that Arafat made every session count, she showed up and put in, she took out as much as she could in the hour session that we had each month. Arafat will be very successful in her future, she is very bright, very funny and I think is starting to believe just how unique she actually is. She is starting to understand who she is and what she wants in life. She is continuing to grow and learn and is someone to be massively proud of.

Arafat also brought out the best in me. She brightened my day without knowing she had. Some of the challenges put in place made me look at myself and made me set some goals for my own future. I think we have both learnt to be a little kinder to ourselves in this world.

Arafat has made an impact on my life and I won’t forget this experience. I hope Arafat will be able to look back and remember all the positives and all the commitment she gave.

To end on, I hope that if ever in life Arafat is faced with a difficult challenge or choice she can think back… and remember to BE BOLD, BE BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY BE WHO SHE IS.. BECAUSE YOU ARAFAT ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!