Careers for Girls 2012

Careers for Girls 2012

What do they see? Here are a few suggestions…

Sleep with a footballer, doesn’t matter if he is married or not. This will secure you a tabloid profile and lots of seedy media work earning you more money that you could ever hope to earn in a proper job! It will also give you entry to the world of reality TV. Stardom awaits.

Take your clothes off in public. In order to maximise this option you must first invest in pneumatic body parts and perfect the living doll look but the money is excellent and also opens the door to instant, short lived fame.

Get pregnant, the younger the better, obviously this option demands a few months of discomfort but does guarantee free accommodation and a regular income, above minimum wage and if you do this as a single Mom and have more than one child the money gets better


Yes I am being facetious but these are serious options our society promotes – the messages are everywhere, on the TV, the internet, magazines. Soaps normalise them, Reality TV exists because of them and our teenage girls are buying into them for all the wrong reasons.

Help us change the game.

It costs us £1k to work with a vulnerable, teenage girl for 12 months – to change her mindset, her outlook and her life. Can you help?

Can you help us fund raise? Can you persuade your employer to adopt us as their cause for 2012? Are you ready to step up and become a Big Sister mentor? Can you donate your time and professional skills to helping us grow and reach more girls?

In 2012 we will be working flat out to change the landscape for as many teenage girls as we can. Are you in?

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