Choice not Chance

Choice not Chance

There’s currently much of talk about the fact that company boards are overwhelmingly dominated by men but, whatever is being done to redress the balance, it obviously isn’t working.

Research from the Cranfield School of Management shows that board level appointments of women at FTSE 100 firms has actually slumped to only 17% of the total, well below the target set of 25%. Talk of quotas continues.

But many women start from the wrong place: they lack self belief in the early stages of life and this limits their ambitions. This is why we at GOL believe in addressing the issue in the formative years of early teenage.

Becoming a board director is not everyone’s idea of success but most of the girls we work with don’t even realise it is a possibility – let alone the fact that they can achieve it if they want to. Our Big Sisters can help by encouraging them to visualise themselves in a board room and then work back to what they need to do to get there.

It will be choice not chance that gets more women on boards.

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