Coaching Crew

We know from our 11 years in this space that our volunteers often seek coaching support pre, during or after their engagement with us, as their role working with teenage girls often brings up challenges for them personally, or helps them reflect on their journey and encourages them to think bigger, find their voice  and/or make personal changes. With this in mind we decided to recruit and select our own discreet group of coaches who can help you on your exciting journey – wherever that may take you. 

We have checked out all their credentials for you so you can feel assured they deliver and are who they say they are!

Introducing our coaches...

Rosanna Machado

Executive Coach, Academy of Executive Coaching Accreditation

Location: London

Delivers face to face, online and telephone coaching options

Having graduated with an economics degree, Rosanna’s career path has not been conventional. She took the time to explore career paths until she found something that she was truly passionate about, which was the world of events. Throughout her event career, the thing that has brought her the greatest joy is being able to help people develop. She took this one step further by training as an executive coach and now offers one-to-one coaching and group coaching sessions.

Her approach is to work with individuals to raise their self-awareness and to help them find their true purpose, which may involve stepping out of a comfort zone and breaking social norms. She has been inspired by the Gestalt model.

She says of her coaching,

“Energy is an important part of every session. The energy that I bring to a session, the energy I would like to create within the session and how I hope we will both feel after the session. I liken it to going on an open water swim together…

Imagine swimming side-by-side in the open water. You have a destination in mind. To get there, we immerse ourselves, diving deeper to explore with curiosity whilst the water holds us in a safe positive space. Occasionally we emerge to survey the wider landscape. By getting into flow and rhythm, we’ll have greater self-awareness of the here and now. Sometimes the currents of life may carry us in a different direction, sometimes we navigate deeper waters and it becomes challenging but we’ll swim together, uncovering pathways, continuously moving forward, and we will arrive, feeling energised and with greater clarity.”

Susy Davis

Change Coach & Qualified Personal Trainer

Location: Cheshire

Delivers face to face, online and telephone coaching

I feel your overwhelm
I feel your frustration
I feel your fear​

The fear that this is it, that you are stuck, and that change is impossible…

I’m passionate about helping women to achieve the personal change they so deeply desire.  Helping women just like you who are completely fed up with spinning your wheels navigate your path so you can shine your light brightly in the world.

Over the last few years, I have been on my own change journey!  With a successful career achieving Director level positions and running my own consultancy business; being a wife and mother to the amazing George – on the surface all seemed good….

But I was broken.  Always running on empty; exhausted, unfit, eating crap, drinking too much, and deeply unhappy.  I was so busy being everything to everyone else – I had absolutely no idea who I was any more.

I knew I didn’t want to live like this any longer, and knew I wanted to make changes.  In the workplace I could always get clarity; set goals and achieve them.  But outside of work I could not find the energy to move forward.

Always planning, making lists, reading all the books – but never making the changes as it was too much.


I needed someone to walk with me literally and metaphorically.  To really listen and help me to get underneath, into my negative self-talk, inner critic and beliefs, and to really start to move and feel strong again.

And so, Time for Change Coaching was born.

My coaching style is warm, intuitive, kind with no nonsense and a lot of laughs!  I want you to feel completely safe, supported and heard.  Combining movement into coaching sessions, whether that be walking and talking, strength training, mobility or boxing is incredibly powerful and a great way to get out of your head and reconnect with your body.

Susy's Testimonials

Suzy has great dedication, is such a positive and enthusiastic person that you can’t help but come away from a coaching session feeling uplifted, energised and ready for anything! 

She gave great tips on nutrition and coached me on how I was feeling, ways to make simple changes or adjust things lifestyle wise to help get me in a more positive and freer mindset.

Before we started Suzy sat me down and discussed what I wanted to achieve, my current exercise and eating habits, what types of exercise I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, and we agreed a plan of action. I’ll admit I was nervous for my first session, but Suzy makes you feel at ease straight away. The range of exercises planned was great and worked a different part of the body, the range of equipment Suzy uses is vast – she always brings a variety of bands, medicine balls, weights etc to ensure a full body workout – plus my own personal play-list of songs to keep me motivated during the session was a really nice touch.

I loved the boxing training with Suzy – especially when i’d had a stressful day, it was a great way to get out all that stress. I always felt like i’d had a thorough workout. Suzy always made the sessions fun, tailored to what I enjoyed doing and the areas of my body I wanted to work /improve on – she pushed me when she needed to, to ensure I gave that little bit extra that she knew I could do 🙂

I don’t think I have words big enough to describe how impactful Susy’s help has been on my life.  I was going through a particularly busy and overwhelming time. 

Over 6 sessions she helped me workout a lot of ways to understand and work with my poor busy brain and not be overwhelmed by the constant hamster wheel of thought stream that usually hassles me.  

I’ve learned to deal with hit and slow the wheel down.  So often now, when I find myself in that place all the things I have learnt help get through it and move on.  Susy is so lovely, approachable and empathic.  

I particularly loved our walking chats, meeting for a walk and a chat through things.  So refreshing and really helping the mind!

If you would like to chat to any of them simply submit your enquiry here and we will start the process.  Each coach offers a no obligation, no fee, initial chat to ensure they are right for you and visa-versa.

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