Confidence = can-do

Confidence = can-do

Girls Out Loud was mentioned twice during a House of Commons debate at the end of November when, in the context of a debate on the ‘Girls – educational development’ we were given credit for the effectiveness of our mentoring model.

MP’s were discussing the fact that studies over the last 30 years show girls generally lack confidence in their ability to enter fields dominated by boys. Low self-esteem leading to lack of aspiration has led to the majority of girls taking up jobs mainly in the 5 C’s – cleaning, catering, caring, clerical and as cashiers – there is nothing wrong with these but what about alternatives? And the good news is that GOL’s Big Sister programme is making a difference to this pattern of under-achievement.

Five of the girls from Sir William Stanier School showed us how far they have come when they made a presentation to an audience of 20 adults at our awareness-raising event in Warrington in October. Their courage in presenting to an audience demonstrated a remarkable turnaround from their habitual reticence. They are proof that raised self esteem can lead to the kind of can-do approach which will help them to develop careers and relationships through life.

We will continue to raise our public profile so as to get all the help we can to assist our wonderful girls in their progress towards self-fulfilment.

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