Fashion Fun

Fashion Fun

Fashion is high on the agenda for a lot teenagers – and our Little Sisters are no exception. So you can imagine the excitement when the fabulous ASDA Big Sisters brought along the GEORGE autumn collection for a creative workshop to Oasis Academy School in Oldham during August.

They started by telling the story of a garment, from initial design idea, to how and where it was manufactured, the process of stocking, displaying and the final sale. They provided a real insight to the way the fashion business works, giving more than a few girls some very useful career ideas.

And to bring it all to life, they encouraged the girls to use the collection to create their own individual ‘look’ by dressing themselves – and the mannequins – and explaining their ideas to the others.

The afternoon was stimulating and extremely enjoyable. A big ‘thank you’ goes to the Big Sisters and the ASDA/GEORGE team for being so generous with their time and expertise, and a big ‘congratulations’ goes to the Little Sisters for taking up the creative challenge so enthusiastically.

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