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Inspiring, Courageous and Authentic.

Jane is a serial entrepreneur, intuitive coach, inspirational speaker, author, audacious commentator, campaigner and female champion. For the past 25+ years she has been working in the personal development sector facilitating mind-set shifts and personal transformations with both adults and teenagers from all walks of life. Her passion for potential is contagious.

Although raised in a wealthy family, Jane had a traumatic youth tainted by abuse and abandonment and this led to her leaving the family home to go it alone at age 16. After a successful corporate career in marketing and brand development, followed by 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, she is now on her third act as a social leader and game changer with a particular passion for empowering teenage girls – the next generation of female leaders and businesswomen.

She founded Girls Out Loud in 2010 when she could remain passive no more and felt compelled to step up and support girls to navigate through a more and more challenging landscape, unharmed. After piloting a programme for 12 vulnerable girls in Blackpool in 2009 she knew she had found her next act.

Her legacy, through Girls Out Loud, is to embed a more empowering mindset in girls that in effect, inspires them to think big, reach for the stars and make better life choices. Central to the Girls Out Loud mission is to introduce girls to awesome, successful female role models through the Big Sister mentoring programme and motivational events.

In 2023 she won the esteemed Pour Moi Inspirational Woman Award followed by the Forward Ladies 2023 Award for social Impact and was the inaugural winner of the Emmeline Pankhurst Award for services to gender equality at the I Love Manchester Awards.

Pour Moi Inspirational Woman Award
Forward Ladies 2023 Award - Social Impact
Emmeline Pankhurst Award 2023

A testimonial and some….

From Georgina, Senior Manager at Coop Construction & Commercial

“I found out about Girls Out Loud back in 2018 and began my journey as a Big Sister in 2019. I had seen Jane at a couple of the Role Model Relay events in schools and was just in absolute awe of her; I couldn’t wait to meet her properly at the Big Sister training session.

When the training finally came around, I was NOT disappointed. Just wow, Jane was honest, open, genuine and empowering; her passion for women and young girls was inspirational to say the least! I spent the next 12 months mentoring my Little Sister and came out the other end a different woman. More “Jane” as I like to think!

Following on from 2019 and a year of COVID and cancellations, a group was set up in our business for Women In Property. I immediately thought of Jane in this and we decided to book her for our first female only, Women In Property online event. Not only was Jane simply wonderful in the planning of the talk, she also helped us out with the group and it’s direction as well; Jane’s knowledge and passion knows no boundaries.

The talk itself went down an absolute storm! We had over 50 women attend the hour long session and the feedback was incredible. Of course everyone loved her and of course everyone came away feeling the same way I did the first time I met Jane back at one of the Role Model Relays in 2018; inspired, empowered and just wanting to talk with her all day!

If anyone is looking for a strong, relatable, knowledgeable and passionate woman to do a motivational talk, Jane is most certainly your woman!”

Jane Shares her Wisdom

Having spent the past 25 years working exclusively with women and teenage girls Jane’s voice has credibility and validity and her passion for potential is contagious.

Jane has lived a real life, packed with challenges, highs and lows and is well respected for her honesty, authenticity and inspiration. She is a sought after speaker, with a passion to create space for women and young girls to step up, believe in themselves and shine.

In 2014 Jane’s first book Superwoman – Her Sell By Date Has Expired. Time To Show Little Miss Perfect The Door was released to great reviews.

Jane Kenyon - Diva Wisdom

In 2015 her legacy book Diva Wisdom – Find Your Voice, Rock Your World and Pass it On is released with 20% of all profits going to the Girls Out Loud Foundation.

Girls Out Loud Founder, Jane Kenyon & Jodes Salt are ‘on one’ in their brand new podcast. Have a listen here or subscribe on Apple or Spotify via the links below.

Jane is now a sought after speaker and media commentator on all things female and one of the UK’s leading female champions.  She has been nominated for many Awards and won a few, been featured in many mainstream magazines, is invited to talk on radio and TV and in 2019 even appeared in a Little Mix video!

Her work  now takes her into many of the UK’s leading brands to facilitate workshops and think tanks on gender parity and 2021 will see her launch her long awaited Podcast – Jane Kenyon, She’s On One! Present, Passionate and on Purpose rants from a female champion on point.

To find out more about Jane and her work, engage her as your coach or invite her to speak at your event or work with your team visit  www.jane-kenyon.com

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