Resilience in the pursuit of passion

Resilience in the pursuit of passion

A message from our founder, Jane Kenyon:

Anyone who thinks running a not for profit or charity is somehow less stressful or challenging than a commercial operation has obviously never done it or had the benefit of serious financial start-up capital or many wealthy donors! My resilience is tested every day. Growing a business where the need is high and clear to see, yet extracting funds from ANYWHERE is as art, demands unwavering passion and a kind of resilience some people would mistake for madness! Add to this a programme portfolio delivered, in the main, by volunteers and the learnings come thick and fast and continually.

To say I multi-task with my passion up front and centre is an understatement! For every positive outcome we need to manoeuvre around 10 negative ones and resilience and stamina is the key to longevity. Six years in and I may be a little greyer but my passion is relentless and I will not be abandoning the cause to raise the aspirations of the next generation of female talent anytime soon.
I know that the universe rewards action so all I have to do is keep the faith and continue the work and our financial ship will come in to ensure we realise our vision to be the leading voice for teenage girls in the UK and help them all step up and shine.

Enjoy the spring!



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