March 8th 2014 – International Women’s Day

March 8th 2014 – International Women’s Day

Now, with IWD fast approaching, is a good time to remind ourselves of the theory of synergy. What?

If we consider that women – half the world’s population – are struggling for equality of opportunity with men – the other half of the population, then it is obvious that humanity is not working harmoniously to resolve its many problems.

While some men are opposed to equality for the usual reason – those in power wanting to keep it for themselves – rational-thinking men would agree that it makes no sense to apply only half our resources to the job of sorting out the world’s problems. Women, despite the odds, have contributed to the advancement of civilisation in many fields and, if they had the same opportunities as men, they could deliver a whole lot more.

But equality of opportunity for women would not simply double-up humanity’s brain power: it would produce the effect known as synergy – better known as “the whole being greater than the sum of the parts”. Imagine what progress could be made if both halves of the population pulled together on equal terms. What’s not to like, fellas?

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