Our girls will not find self esteem in Heat Magazine anytime soon

Our girls will not find self esteem in Heat Magazine anytime soon

Why oh why do so many successful, financially independent and beautiful women accept cheating, lying men back into their lives, even when it means public humiliation and loss of credibility? Demi Moore, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Colleen Rooney, Tania Ramsay to name a few.

Sometimes I can see the attraction to the bad boy and the need to turn a blind eye, particularly if there is doubt or when the balance of power and wealth is not in your favour, indeed many WAGS accept a cheating, philandering husband goes with the territory. It’s part of the deal. Sad but true.

But when many of these women are wealthy in their own right, with a successful career and public profile behind them that they have worked hard for and most importantly are idolised by the next generation, I often feel disappointed that they accept such abuse and have such low expectations for themselves.

Maybe, if we re-frame this it can be seen as an example and a good lesson for our young girls? ie. Money, fame, fast cars, fake boobs, big house, famous husband etc does NOT guarantee happiness.

Self respect, self confidence, self esteem and self assurance really are personal. The clue is in the names SELF!

What we see is very rarely the full picture. Demi, Cheryl and Rihanna may project the confidence and self assurance of women in the zone and on top of the world but maybe they ain’t! I just wish they recognised their influence on our young girls and accepted that girls around the world see them as role models and are set to copy their every move. Children imitate what they see. Let’s give them a life model worth imitating. Breathe Jane, Breathe!

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