Play to your strengths

Play to your strengths

The pressure is on! GCSE exam results are due and good results are regarded by many as the make-or-break factor in defining prospects for a successful career. But what if you don’t get the results you had hoped for? Must you be written off as a loser and a failure? Are you doomed to accept second best in life?

Well, the good news is NO, you are not. Look around and you will see many successful, happy people who failed in exams but succeeded in life. Many of them are household names.

Top journalist and Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, for example, revealed in an interview this week that he had left school with poor results and didn’t have a happy time at school. Yet despite early setbacks he climbed to the top of his profession with determination and hard work in a field he was passionate about.

“Want to do what you want to do very badly” is his advice. The trick is to play to your strengths and make the most of your natural abilities. Exam results may be used as a measure of competence by some employers but they don’t tell the whole story of a person’s abilities. Choose your own course in life and make sure it’s one that suits you.

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