Role Model Jennie’s Top Tips

Role Model Jennie’s Top Tips

At our last Role Model Relay session we introduced 100 girls to some terrific women. Among those who stood to speak were a barrister, a DJ and radio presenter and a top-notch shoe designer – demonstrating, once more, that girls can be whatever they set their minds to.

All our marvellous role models engaged with the girls freely and joyfully during the swap-around table sessions, where the girls got the chance to get up-close and personal with them.

Jennie Johnson, the co-founder and CEO of Kids Allowed, gave us the benefit of her experience with these top ten tips:

1. Do not be a sheep: make your own decisions, don’t do it ‘cos everyone else is.

2. Do something you love: follow your passion, your heart.

3. Seize every opportunity: put up your hand, give it a go, speak to that person.

4. Fail: learn from it & pick yourself up & don’t be afraid to change paths.

5. Look after yourself: you only have one body, make sensible choices.

6. Be happy: look after your mental health, if you feel rubbish ask for help.

7. Be kind randomly: don’t expect reciprocation.

8. Don’t bully: be & make real friends.

9. Be nice to the geeks: you will be employing, marrying them.

10. Ensure you are loved & cherished as you deserve to be: do not put up with anything else

We think you’ll agree – these really are top tips.

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