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It's a partnership

Our work with schools and organisations is vital to what we do, and feedback supports and develops our programmes over the years to ensure our programmes make real lasting, meaningful impact and positive change for the young people, their education and their future. 

Through our partnership with schools, we have been able to create safe and inclusive spaces for our teen girls to express themselves, learn from one another and grow as individuals.  Our programmes foster personal growth, leadership skills and academic success by developing a strong sense of self, confidence and resilience. 

We are immensely proud of the transformative outcomes that our programmes have brought about. 

Don’t take our word for it! Scroll down for testimonials from our education partners, schools and parents, offering a glimpse into the incredible journeys of these young girls. 

The Impact

To date as a result of our core product the Big Sister programme the confidence improvement in girls is 100%. We see around 50% improvement in attendance; 90% of girls on target to achieve 3 levels of improvement with regard to attainment; no pregnancies, no anti-social behaviour; and over 90% of girls setting their sights on further education or some form of vocational training.

We see shy girls find their voice; we see queen bees channel their street smart in a more empowering way; we see newly confident girls standing up for themselves, moving into new peer groups, making better choices with more emotional resilience and excited about their future.

And most importantly we see girls recognising their potential and embracing their greatness and taking on our philosophy of paying it forward and becoming a Big Sister to other girls in their school who may need some support or a friend.

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