Hattie – Girls out Loud Ambassador, Radio X Presenter and DJ talks about her time as a Big Sister:

‘When I first joined the Big Sister programme I was unsure on how I’d actually be able to benefit or help a young woman and the impact I’d have. Spending time with Alisha has been the most refreshing and eye opening experience.

The first day I met Alisha she was reserved, unsure of herself and concerned with being judged by her peers. Throughout the course of the year Alisha discovered she had the courage to believe in herself, her confidence shone through and she began to realise that peoples’ opinions don’t always matter. She was able to take a step back from difficult situations and find ways to cope with her anger. Similarly to myself, Alisha is a very sensitive person and can often take things to heart but her positive attitude and willingness to grow has enabled her to view scenarios with a clarity and perspective that beforehand she’d have struggled with. I’m proud to say that Alisha developed a maturity that will hold her in good stead in whatever path she choses to take in the future.

I’m certainly not taking all the credit at all, Alisha is a bright, young woman with a head between her shoulders that’s older than its years – all she needed was some support and encouragement to come out of her shell. It was a privilege to be welcomed into Alisha’s life as a mentor and Big Sister and I’m pleased to say that our friendship continues as I visit her in school alongside my new little sister.’

Local Lead Wendy added –

‘The change in Alisha is amazing she has grown so much over the last year into a beautiful more confident young lady…. The programme had such an impact on her the school asked me if Hattie would still have 1-1’s with Alisha as she is having a bit of a bad time at the moment & they know how Hattie is a very calming positive influence on her. Hattie did so much for Alisha that she didn’t even realise she did’