SISTER TALK – Rebecca Bowers

SISTER TALK – Rebecca Bowers


We hear so many amazing stories from both Big and Little Sisters that we wanted to share them with you. This month Rebecca Bowers talks about her experience of being a Big Sister.

“Being part of the Big Sister programme has been so rewarding. I’m in my second year of mentoring now and absolutely love every moment that I’ve spent with my Little Sisters.

Sometimes it’s not instantly obvious the impact that we have on the lives of these girls, but after almost two years on the programme I can see such positive changes in all the Little Sisters, and hearing these stories is just great.

But it’s not just the Little Sisters who take something away from these sessions, no matter how old you are there’s always something new to learn – and recently these new skills have really come in handy.

I work in a jewellery store, and recently I found myself in a situation where a customer I had been serving attempted to grab an expensive watch from a display I was stood next to. Without even thinking I used some of the moves I’d been taught during the staying safe workshop we hold for our Little Sisters each year. Just a simple but firm No! and a confidence stance is one of the first moves we’re taught to shock the offender – and this is exactly what happened. The customer was stopped in his tracks and didn’t manage to get his hands on anything from the display.

This got me thinking, if these simple moves have helped me in the workplace, how many other Big and Little Sisters have been able to put these new skills into use too?”

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