Our Social Impact

Measuring what we do matters

Like any organisation measuring our impact matters.

It matters to our donors, our sponsors, our patrons, the women and organisations that step up to engage in our Big Sister programme, the schools who trust us to deliver and the young teen girls who rely on us to help them make changes in their life and recognise their potential and possibilities.

It also matters to us!

Our team is committed to raising the aspirations of teenage girls throughout the region and this demands 100% dedication even on the days when it all goes pear-shaped and the classroom becomes a battlefield, it does not deter us, we believe in our girls and know they need our guidance to become the talented young women they are all capable of becoming.  We all need some guidance and re-frame at some point in our life and their landscape is a real challenge.  Many of us take a deep breath and are thankful we are not teenagers today with the game-changers they are navigating but this makes advocating for them ALL the time so much more important.  It is our passion and our purpose.

Our female talent pipeline will be healthier if we empower and inspire girls at a young age to believe they can be, do and have anything they want if they have the right mindset and work smart.

Are you with us?

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100% of girls who participated in the Big Sister programme said having someone to talk to really helps.

50% of Big Sister mentors saw an improvement in their emotional intelligence.

50% of girls who participated on the Big Sister programme feel calmer at home and 25% sleep better.

38% of Big Sister mentors are now better at managing change.

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