The A Team

As the demand for our work grows so too does our operational team and we thought it was time you met them!

Jane Kenyon – Founder

Jane is our Founder, figurehead, brand attractor, voice and strategic visionary. She takes our message to the corporate and business world; is our key PR spokesperson; she speaks at events all over the UK, develops new products, recruits and motivates the team, leads our team of Ambassadors, heads the development and delivery of our Stardom programme; is our social media queen; leads our brand and marketing activities and delivers some of our day events.

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Helen Cope – Executive Assistant to Jane Kenyon

Helen started her career in Law when she was 18 and progressed through a Manchester Law Firm to run the Crown Court Criminal department. After 10 years as a Lawyer she made a brief move to assist in her families Sales & Marketing business. Helen joined the Girls Out Loud team in February 2016 to support the Executive team across all areas of the business including event management, volunteer recruitment, marketing, database management, PR and general admin. Helen works her organisational magic to keep us all in order.

Likes – Family time, Traveling & Sightseeing, Eating out, Catch-up’s with friends

Dislikes – Bullies, Bad manners and Ignorance.

Carol Savage – Local Lead Big Sister & Stardom Coach

Carol describes herself as a small, straight talking northerner with a sense of humour and an empathetic ear!

She started out wanting a career in the sports sector which quickly changed after a chance meeting which gave her an opportunity to work in the voluntary sector, supporting charities and developing their volunteering programme.

Seventeen years later and now a qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner Carol coaches young people in schools. She believes that with appropriate support everyone has the ability to aspire and reach their own potential. Her passion is to help young people believe and achieve this.

The most recent and exciting ‘chance’ meeting Carol had was with Jane Kenyon which led to the opportunity for her to become a Stardom Coach with Girls Out Loud. Carol is really enthused and looking forward to know how many years and the direction this next journey will take her.

Likes – laughter, silliness, learning new things, genuine people, sport, TV

Dislikes – snakes, disingenuous people, unfairness, inequality

Dawn Clarke – Local Lead Big Sister, Manchester

Dawn has an impressive track record working with vulnerable adults and children in a variety of roles from careers education and guidance to youth offending and victim support to mediating within the criminal justice system and acting as a Health and Community Advocate. She is a qualified Mediator, counsellor, mentor and is currently studying to achieve an NLP coaching qualification. Phew!

Dawn stepped up to get involved with Girls Out Loud after a chance encounter with our work when her College hosted one of our Big Sister graduation ceremonies. As a spectator she was hooked and joined the next Big Sister programme as a mentor.

We are delighted and honoured she is now joining the A Team as a Big Sister Local Lead, as she clearly shares our passion to empower and inspire the next generation of young women.

Likes – Animals, travelling around the UK, meditating near water, the theatre, coaching with NLP to help people believe in their power to make the changes needed to achieve their goals.

Dislikes – Bullies, ignorant people, sprouts

Pic 1
Louisa Herridge – Stardom Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Louisa is a qualified teacher, positive psychology coach, author and speaker. She is solo mum to her daughter aged 8 and left a successful 17-year English teaching career in 2021 to create a new path in life, following her passion and purpose to inspire and empower women and children.

Living in Warrington, Louisa lives a busy life juggling being a grown-up, running a business and having adventures with her ‘mini-me’. She runs courses, masterclasses, VIP Accelerator days and group events coaching women in business. She is a four times best-selling author and also coaches women to use their stories of overcoming adversity in book collaborations, two of which have become bestsellers in the UK and USA.

Louisa was introduced to Jane, our Founder, via Jodes Salt and after a very long chat it was apparent her skillset was aligned to our work and she stepped up to become a Stardom coach and workshop facilitator.

Likes – Musical Theatre, Travelling, Strong Women, Diet Coke, Cheese.

Dislikes – Dirty hands, Sand, Cleaning, Bullies, Inequality, Making Decisions.

Tracey Thomas – Local Lead Big Sister, Merseyside

Tracey is the Local Lead facilitating our Big Sister programme in schools in Merseyside. Tracey is also one of our Ambassadors and has supported Girls Out Loud from the start. She runs her own Marketing & Events company and teaches women how to set up home based businesses. She is also a University mentor in 3 universities across the North West.

Likes – Long walks with the dog, lots of holidays, nearly every carry on film, anything foodie and having a great collection of cook books.

Dislikes – People who are late, doing my accounts, Football, smoked fish and package holidays, I prefer to be a independent traveller.

Rachel Christian – Local Lead Big Sister

Rachel is a Yorkshire lass with a big heart, caring nature, and positive, can-do mindset. She lives in Knutsford with her lovely husband, two adorable teens and fur babies, Digby and Bertie.

Having completed a business degree, she began her career in the business sector before a career change into teaching stemming from a desire to inspire young people. This new profession saw her progress into SENCO roles and becoming Head of Early Years. She feels that every young person deserves the opportunity to excel, unlock their own potential and develop their self-belief.

Rachel decided to step away from teaching to pursue another dream of hers which was running her own dog grooming business, which she has done successfully for the last five years. More recently she has felt a desire to return to a role where she can help others and work with young people. 

Likes: friendship, kindness, laughter, embracing life, evolving

Dislikes: negativity, inequality, bullying, balloon arches

Beth Payton Profile Pic
Beth Payton – Mindfulness Workshop Leader

Beth Payton is a Well Woman Yoga Therapist specialising in Women’s health and wellbeing.

She began her career as a Contemporary Dance Artist, performing Internationally and later going on to create her own Female Empowerment project ‘My Female Body’. Beth is also a published writer, her Feminist opinion pieces have been published by The Huffington Post Blog and more recently, Her + Earth. She has always been driven by social justice and gender equality and has worked extensively with women and girls throughout her career.

Having studied Yoga in India, Beth has since specialised in womb health and is now focussed on supporting women and girls to optimise their health and reconnect with the power of their bodies through yoga therapy.

Beth first met Jane and Girls Out Loud when she delivered a ‘My Female Body’ dance workshop on the Big Sister programme, later becoming a Big Sister herself! She is over the moon to be returning to the programme as Mindfulness Workshop Leader, 3 years later.

Likes: Woodland walks, meditating by Rivers and spending time with my little boy in nature

Dislikes: Being in a hurry, any form of mum shaming, plastic waste and littering

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