We-Consent™ is a new App that allows users to video themselves agreeing to have sex before they start as a way of alleviating the cry of date rape the morning after.

Good idea?

Absolutely not!

It is so flawed it has taken me days to come up with this blog as my logical brain has struggled to overcome my emotional, screaming and ranting brain to even put pen to paper!

The complexities of consent cannot be reduced to a £3.20 App. What are we robots?

What happens if we change our mind anytime after we film the video?

How long does the declaration last? An hour, a night, one tumble in the hay?

We have seriously gotta question the society we are living in when this unsound concept has even made it to market. It is dangerous and after the ranting calmed down it left me cold.

And what’s s more it may even lead to more men getting away with unwanted sexual harassment against women, as it is used as yet another weapon against women who have the audacity to stand up with courage and gumption as the victims of rape. In a country where one in five women will experience sexual violence and our record on rape reporting and rape convictions is a total embarrassment we really do not need this level of inane tack to be put in front of our young people.

Here’s a radical idea….

Why don’t we educate our young people on what constitutes consent and a healthy sexual relationship instead of delegating our responsibility to the porn industry?

Why don’t we empower our girls to be confident enough to say No. Believe me there is no App for that!

And finally, personally, if I was on the dating scene and a potential suitor showed me he even had this App on his phone this would tell me all I needed to know and provide enough evidence for me to show him the door with a curt ‘no thanks, I am not interested, good night!’

Note to all – if you are in any doubt about whether consent has been given the answer is NO!

And breathe Jane, breathe!