Violence ought to be a bad career move

Violence ought to be a bad career move

Question: Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown – what do these three have in common? Answer: they attack women.

Some people seem to think this is OK. A recent survey in the USA revealed that the ‘norm’ for men was seen as someone who is emotionally controlled, puts career at the top of his priority list and thinks that a degree of violence is acceptable.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the NSPCC reported in 2009 that 75% of girls experienced some form of emotional abuse, 33% some form of sexual abuse and 25% some degree of physical abuse.

But ‘no one has the right to hurt you’ – (thank you Julie Tweedale for this phrase @FpsJulie). We need to change these statistics right now and the starting point must be our insistence that it is wrong for anyone to believe that abusing women is acceptable.

If you are a fan of an abusing celebrity, boycott them. If you are in an abusive relationship, vote with your feet. If you suspect violence on another, get involved and help. Change happens when we don’t accept what is wrong and do something about it.

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