Discovery Day

DISCOVERY is a one day interactive, motivating and inspiring workshop packed with fun and empowering activities aimed at increasing awareness of self, pumping up confidence and self esteem and raising aspirations. It is targeted at girls from Year 8 upwards with minimum age to attend being 13.

The Day is lead by the Girls Out Loud senior team and supported by a serious posse of women volunteers from all walks of life including business, the professions, charities, academia, public sector, creative and media, sport and social enterprises.

The Discovery Day is inspirational and powerful and combines self analysis techniques with group work, creativity and communications. We harness the time and experiences of a diverse group of female role models to work with us as team leaders at all our events and this alone has amazing results. Here are some of the key areas the girls are likely to improve:


The girls will be tasked with several team exercises. This will help them understand different roles, assert their own opinions and listen to others, manage their time and understand what needs to be done and by who, work to a common purpose, understand the need for compromise and be heard.


The girls will engage in several creative tasks. This will show them how to brainstorm, encourage them to dream and think outside the box.


Throughout the day the girls will be asked to express and defend their opinions, present their case to their group and the whole room, be inspired to raise their game by the workshop leaders and the featured role models. They will learn what they are capable of and develop some emotional resilience and recognise that some of what may have held them back is simply a limiting belief and they can dump them!


The day is all about them finding their voice. To start the lifelong personal development journey of understanding who they are and what they want. What motivates them, what are they capable of and most importantly, the fact that they are not defined by what they look like but who they are inside.

The Discovery Day can be hosted on or off school premises and works best with a minimum of 50, maximum of 110 participants, all the same age, in the same year group.

For more information about hosting a day in your school complete the general enquiry form and we will call you for a general chat within 5 days.

And if you would like to put yourself forward to volunteer at one of these events please complete volunteer registration form.

‘It was a day all about me. It was amazing, absolutely fantastic and unforgettable.’

Year 8 girl at Irlam & Cadishead College, North West

‘You have to appreciate who you really are. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful. Brilliant day’

Year 8 girl at Oldham Oasis Academy, North West