We invite you to join us on our mission…

We know for sure, that if you are reading this you share our passion and vision for teenage girls and we could not deliver any of our unique, inspirational programmes without your support, dedication and enthusiasm. We welcome you on board as one of our champions and promise we will do all we can to change the landscape and lift the aspirations of your girls.

Girls Out Loud covers a number of keys areas for teenage girls, addressing Every Child Matters outcomes, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and the Enterprise Education agenda.

Our ultimate mission is to:

  1. Raise aspirations, take off the blinkers and get girls thinking BIG!
  2. Improve exam results and attainment levels
  3. Eradicate the fear of risk and embed social mobility
  4. Increase self belief, self confidence and self respect
  5. Avoid girls falling into the NEET group
  6. Embed emotional resilience and help girls find their voice and character
  7. Reduce teenage pregnancies and anti-social behaviour
  8. Create more respectful relationships with appropriate boundaries
  9. Turn negative body image into positive self love and recognition of being unique
  10. Keep girls safe


To date as a result of our core product the Big Sister programme the confidence improvement in girls is 100%. We see around 50% improvement in attendance; 90% of girls on target to achieve 3 levels of improvement with regard to attainment; no pregnancies, no anti-social behaviour; and over 90% of girls setting their sights on further education or some form of vocational training.

We see shy girls find their voice; we see queen bees channel their street smart in a more empowering way; we see newly confident girls standing up for themselves, moving into new peer groups, making better choices with more emotional resilience and excited about their future.

And most importantly we see girls recognising their potential and embracing their greatness and taking on our philosophy of paying it forward and becoming a Big Sister to other girls in their school who may need some support or a friend.

Girls Out Loud is a wonderful organisation who inspires a whole generation of young girls to be confident all round citizens. I was first made aware of their work by a friend who was herself a ‘Big Sister’. I immediately met the team and knew immediately that we needed to work with them. Girls Out Loud has now become part of our DNA. Every year all of our Year 9 girls take part in a Discovery Day and a Role Model Relay event. On these days, the school is full of inspirational women from all walks of life who give up their time to mentor and support younger students. These events culminate in the selection of 20 ‘Little Sisters’, who are then matched with 20 Big Sisters and then go on to have a year of 1-1 mentoring. The impact for these students has been immense. All are progressing well in subjects but more importantly they are confident about their future.

David Hayes, Principal – Oldham Oasis Academy, Oldham, Greater Manchester

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Why we do what we do…

Girls Out Loud are proud to be working in partnership with UK schools. Here are a selection of schools, academies and colleges who have opened their doors to us and allowed our teams to work with their girls.