The Girl Code is our response to some key challenges we see girls struggling to process as they start secondary school. To help them navigate this frame breaking time we have developed a Top Ten Code of Practice which expands our core mission around being bold, brave and authentic.


  1. It is OK to be different, to be you.  We are not all supposed to look and be the same.
  2. Your friends should be on your side ALL the time.  There is no such thing as a bad friend.
  3. No one has the right to harm you physically, mentally or emotionally. You are amazing.
  4. It is OK to say NO to anything and anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  5. Social media is fun place but also has a dark side so tread carefully.  As a general rule do not say or do anything online you would not be happy doing face to face.
  6. So long as you do your best, the world will respond and you will succeed.
  7. Never feel pressured into doing things you do not want to do before you feel ready and be informed about safety and consent.
  8. Be savvy about the media messages coming at you from every angle every day.  Know that reality TV is fake and most of the images in magazines and online are airbrushed and with many celebs and models addicted to cosmetic surgery which is NOT necessary.
  9. Know your value as a person is not measured by how much you weigh or what you look like.  You are already enough and it is important to be YOU.
  10. Always think big, reach for the stars and never let anyone disrespect you or steal your dreams.

The workshop is made of up a 20 minute presentation on these principals with videos and films followed by 3 members of the GOL team facilitating 3 separate interactive workshops on healthy relationships, body confidence and online safety.  We use case studies and what if scenarios to encourage the girls to feel safe discussing these issues and pull no punches on impressing upon them the need for vigilance and self-respect with regards to their safety and happiness.

The workshop caters for up to 40 girls in the same year and is suitable for girls in Year 8, 9 and 10.

If you would like to host The Girl Code workshop in your school – please contact us via our contact form here –  click here.